The Experience 

Our goal is to make your experience memorable through our full service photography. 


What's Included?


In Person or phone Consultation

This is where you, me and the furry one(s) get together and chat about your expectations  and how to prepare the both of you for your session on The Big Day. We’ll talk about what you have envisioned and make that into reality.  We can do the consultation in person or over the phone, which ever works best for you!


The Big Day

This is a big moment for your furry one(s), a day they get to devour a ton of yummy treats!  This is where I do the creative thinking for you in order to create your forever memories.  I’ll be customizing your experience to what you have envisioned.


Reveal consultation

The most exciting day and my favorite step of all ! This is where we view and look at all your amazing photos, and go over the products you’d like to see in your home. I will walk you through this process so don’t worry! Your job is to pick out all of your favorite photos or pick them all!   The reveal consultation usually happens within 14 days after The Big Day. You can always get a head start and take a look at our products. If there's something you don't see, please let us know so we can talk about options.


The Delivery

Once the orders have arrived, I carefully inspect each item carefully before personally delivering them to you.  I want to ensure you’ll love your art of your furry one(s) for a lifetime. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your delivery. 

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