Spooktacular Jenibee Market- Fall 2017

Spooktacular Jenibee Market- Fall 2017

Who would of thought I would be a part of this talented market this year? I first found out about the JeniBee Fall Market last year when I first moved to Utah. I was so amazed how many talented makers there were in one market place.  I literally wanted to buy every single item there but I knew my bank wouldn't allow me to do that. This was my first craft show and I was really nervous about it because I wasn't sure if there was a market for pet accessories. Jib and Milly ( my 2 Goldens) inspired me to make something cute for them. I searched high and low for flowers that I would want Milly to wear and bow ties for Jib. I wasn't able to find anything so I decided to craft them myself. From there I started Designs By Wildside on Etsy, which branches off from my Pet Photography side.

If you haven't been to the JeniBee Fall Market, you still have time tomorrow until 5PM and it is their last day!  If not be on a look out for their JeniBee Holiday Market.  The market is held at the Holladay City Hall (4580 South 2300 East)

CLICK HERE To Watch This Video From Fox13

JeniBee Market

JeniBee Market on Fox13 News

Here's a glimpse of my set up, would love for you to stop by if not see you on Etsy!

Some of the other artists I admire, I wish I was able to take a picture of everything there! Please stop by and support your local makers and get a head start on your holiday shopping! 

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I would love to connect with you. Find us on Instagram @DesignsByWildside & @WildsidePetPhotography



Since I was little I’ve had an incredible love for animals. It was fascinating to me to watch the relationship between animals and humans. The interaction and the show of emotions has always been so intriguing to me. At ten years old, I adopted my first dog- Lucky. Immediately, my world was changed. He was special to me for so many reasons. When I met Lucky he was a senior dog with a history of abuse and, even though I had no experience taking care of a dog, I knew I wanted to give him a better life than what he had experienced. Lucky made life so much richer and I KNEW I didn’t ever want to go without a pet in my world again. There is no doubt that animals really do make the world a better place. Thinking back on the memories I shared with Lucky developed a passion in me to capture those irreplaceable memories for others. Nothing does that as well as photography. It would be truly a joy to work with your four-legged friends, witness your unforgettable moments, and make a new pawpal while I’m at it. 

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