A Tribute To Smiley And Sunny

I was fortunate enough to meet Joanne and her son (Shep) when they visited Salt Lake City, Utah to see the clay model of the future bronze statue of Smiley. Smiley was a blind therapy dog, a Golden Retriever that left paw prints in many hearts around the world. The talented Lena and Shelley of Young Fine Art Studio created this piece of art of Smiley the blind therapy dog for the rest of the world to remember. On top of that I got to meet Sunny! Smiley's little brother who is also very similar to Smiley- born blind as well but happy as can be. 

The very so talented Lena working on Smiley to make sure she's got every detail of this bronze statue. Just look at that close up detail!

Sweet Sunny boy :) Joanne flew in from Canada to adopt Sunny from Northwest Dog Project located in Eugene, Oregon. 

Want to see more of Sunny's adventure? You can follow him on Instagram @fortheloveofsmiley

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