The Story Of Archer and Leo

I had an incredible time doing this shoot with Archer and Leo. They were both rescued, Archer from rescued from The Humane Society Of Utah  and Leo was found listed for free in a local newspaper.  They did an amazing job with posing and making sure I captured how happy they were. Even though we had to brave through the storm that came through during the shoot. We were still able to capture some amazing shots and it really did feel like we did a couple of different photoshoots all in one day! You would of thought the same! Enjoy! 

Leo, the little lion posed in the beach house at Daybreak Lake in South Jordan, Utah.  His brother Archer, showing off his tricks for treats.

Can you tell Archer is a mama's boy? His bond with her is like no other. 

Wildflower child :)

Leo and Archer makes those bow ties look amazing. You can find more of those bow ties at Paw By Paw in South Jordan, Daybreak. 

Things got pretty crazy with the storm moving through but it didn't stop us! Look at these dramatic photos we were able to capture. Even Leo and Archer laughed about it.

They even stopped to smell the flowers and took a break. 

Can you see the love in this tiny family? My heart melted a few times and back. 

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